• Where are you located?

    Bandon is located on the Southern Oregon Coast, 25 miles south of Coos Bay, Oregon.  The entrance to Bandon Inn is 1/2 way through Bandon on the west side of Hwy 101.  We have a walking path which will take you down to Bandon's Old Town for dining, shopping, sightseeing and strolling on the boardwalk along the marina.  You can enjoy an afternoon of crabbing, kayaking and getting lost in the sights, smells and sounds of our charming little coastal town.

  • Is there an airport nearby?

    Yes. OTH, located in North Bend, Oregon, is a 30 minute drive to Bandon Inn. Transportation is available at the airport.

  • Is Bandon Inn close to the beach?

    Yes! We are a quick 5 minute drive to miles of the most beautiful beaches on the West Coast.  Bandon's coastline is famous for our amazing rock formations; Face Rock, Table Rock, Elephant Rock, among many others, that will amaze you! Our sunsets are spellbinding and shouldn't be missed.

  • Do your rooms have views?

    Bandon Inn's guest rooms have a beautiful view of Bandon's Old Town, harbor, marina and the Pacific ocean in the distance.  

    On a clear day, views continue North as far as the eye can see. The 4th of July fireworks are displayed over the harbor right in front of your room!

  • Is Bandon Inn close to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort?

    Bandon Inn is a short 10 minute drive to the world class Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Transportation can be arranged in advance. We are also a 10 minute drive to Bandon Crossings which is always a favorite.

  • What activities are available in and around Bandon?

    We have miles of beautiful coastline to explore! You could easily spend days combing our beaches, horseback riding along the shore, biking scenic Beach Loop Drive, picnicking in a sheltered cove, discovering tide pools or flying kites. Kayaking, crabbing, fishing with a guide, charter fishing and, of course, a world class golf experience at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort are all right here in Bandon.

    Bandon has been famous for our cheddar cheese since the early 1900's and we are looking forward to the completion of our new cheese factory, Face Rock Creamery. You'll be able to see how cheese is made and don't forget to sample the cheese curds! You can then discover Bandon's history just 1 block down the street at the Bandon Museum.

    Have you ever held a baby lion or tiger? You can in Bandon at the West Coast Wildlife Park. You will also see giraffes, tigers, bears, monkeys, elk and other wildlife as you walk along escorted, of course, by pigmy goats, llamas and baby deer!

  • Does Bandon Inn accept pets?

    Absolutely! We accept up to 2 pets, weighing under 60 lbs., per room. We charge $30 per night for your pooch. We have a limited number of pet friendly guest rooms.