Local Events and Attractions

Annually ~ The Bandon Playhouse and New Artists Productions will present many productions throughout the year. Call for a listing of events taken place at The Bandon Sprague Theatre, located on 11th street in the City Park. Evening shows with Sunday matinees are available. For further information contact the Sprague Community Theater at 541-347-7426 or Margaret Pounder of the Bandon Chamber of Commerce at (541) 347-9616.

Annually ~ The Bandon Showcase is a community organization based upon local and regional and national and international musical events. Call the Bandon Inn office for a listing of events taking place at the Bandon Sprague Theatre and Community Center, located on 11th street in the City Park. For further information call (541) 347-7426 or (541) 347-9616 the Chamber of Commerce.

July 4 ~ Bandon will celebrate the annual “Old Fashioned 4th of July”. This special holiday will begin with a parade starting midmorning. Directly following the parade, the city park on 11th street will be the location for the annual Lion’s 4th of July BBQ, The Grand Finale will commence at dusk with the Bandon Volunteer Firemen presenting their display over the harbor so Bandon Inn is the place to watch the glorious fireworks on the coast. Additional information - (541) 347-9616

~ The Coos Kennel Club will hold its annual All-Breed Dog Show and Obedience Trials at the Bandon High School football field, 11th Street in Bandon. This is an American Kennel Club approved event and will include a Conformation show as well as Obedience Competition Trials both days. Over 600 dogs representing 140 different breeds will be attending. Judging starts at 9:00 a.m. each day. It is a wonderful opportunity to view different breeds and talk to owners. The shows will offer free admission. There will be concession stands featuring foods (human type), and stands containing all types of dog supplies. This dog show is just a few blocks away from the ocean, and a short walk to restaurants and shopping. Event usually takes place on 4th of July weekend, so come for the 4th of July Weekend and plan to stay for the Dog Show. Call (306) 755-7086 for more information.


The second weekend in September~ Bandon Cranberry Festival!! This is an annual and nationally recognized Cranberry Festival. Activities featured: Blessing of the Harvest, Crafts, Food Fair, Bazaars, Live Music , Street Fair in Old Town, Queens’ Coronation, Grande Parade, Lions BBQ, and the Cranberry Bowl Football game. Join the Bandon community and celebrate the harvest of the Cranberry capitol of the West Coast. For more information - (541) 347-9616

November - The annual “Night of 1,000 Lights” The Community Christmas Tree will be lit to celebrate the spirit of the season. The gathering will take place at the Visitor’s Center in Old Town. There will be entertainment and carols sung. Bandon will glow with beautiful lights for the month of December.

Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve 4pm-9:30pm

Shore Acres’ Holiday Lights- “A community tradition” that offers at least 325,000 lights throughout the botanical gardens, located in Charleston. Accessible for all individuals. Enjoy the hot cider, coffee and cookies available in the Open Garden House. As of December 2022, Shore Acres Holiday Lights requires that guests obtain a permit to attend. More information can be found on their website by visiting: shoreacres.net

Activities & Attractions

Cranberry Sweets

Bandon is unique for many reasons and one reason is its cranberries. Maybe that’s why Cranberry Sweets in Old Town has become such a popular place to visit. You can taste samples from over 200 handmade candies from lemon meringue, mint chocolate, and candied rocks, to chocolate covered candies like truffles, of course they have a full line of cranberry candies.

Cranberry Sweets in Old Town is the largest retail candy store on the Oregon Coast.

Game Park

There’s nothing like walking in the midst of hundreds of animals, and feeding them with your hands or being able to hold a bear cub. Seven miles south of Bandon on Highway 101, is America’s largest wild animal petting park.

The park usually has at least one cub to see and enjoy. The bear cubs are born January through March, and are available for viewing March through May. The largest cats usually have their cubs beginning May through September, but have been known to give birth in the middle of winter.

Nursery Land is for smaller animals .Baby raccoons, foxes, skunks, opossums, and badgers are usually available to pet in the spring.

The park hours vary depending on the season. Hours and prices are subject to change.9 am to 6 pm Summer thru Labor Day.9 am to 5 pm Spring and Early Fall. Late Fall and Winter, opening days and hours vary. During periods of exceptionally stormy weather, the park is closed. Please call if unsure at 347-3106 or visit website for current hours at www.gameparksafari.com

Shoreline Education for Awareness, known as SEA Inc.

SEA Inc. wants to help visitors enjoy wildlife and its habitat in and near Bandon, Oregon. We provide visitors with an opportunity to learn more about the wildlife by helping them to go to the right place and the right time and providing the use of the right equipment to see what is to be seen. We will meet visitors at Masonic Viewpoint with spotting scopes and help them to see the Tufted Puffins who nest in Elephant Rock from mid-April ‘til mid-August. We will guide them to Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge in the spring and fall to see the migrating shorebirds to rest and refuel there. Hundreds of Harbor seals, California sea lions, and stellar sea lions can be seen from nearby Simpson Reef at Shore Acres State Park. SEA docents provide wildlife interpretation weekends Memorial Day to Labor Day, and other times by appointment.

SEA Inc. is a volunteer interpretative organization dedicated to the education of the public for the preservation of wildlife and its habitat in and near Bandon, Oregon. SEA was founded for the purpose of recruiting, training, supervising and supporting volunteer Docent & Naturalists. These educators interpret the shoreline environment for visitors so that they can appreciate it and join the circle of stewardship to help protect and preserve the wildlife so many love to observe.

Please contact SEA for further information. Voice phone: 541-260-7770; online: sea-edu.org

Bandon Historical Society Museum

Explore the history of Bandon in the Bandon Historical Society Museum located on First Street.Many Indian artifacts are on display as well as a vast collection of old photographs, and of course many historical publications pertaining to the area.

There are several exhibits: Bandon’s two devastating fires, a Maritime Life of Early Bandon exhibit and the Coquille River, Coast Guard and Life Saving Operations, the Natural History of the Bandon area, and Centennial exhibits.

For more information, call 347-2164.

Wind Surfing, Floras Lake and Bandon Beaches

By Mike and Rose Blair

Many wind surfers of all levels, head to Bandon and the surrounding areas for the great wind surfing.

Most people start at Floras Lake, about 15 miles south of Bandon. Watch for the brown sign on Hwy. 101 just south of Langlois, turn west towards the ocean. Floras Lake is near Cape Blanco and is the westernmost lake in the Continental United States sitting just a stone’s throw away from the mighty Pacific Ocean. Will Brady of Floras Lake Wind Surfing School says, “This is perhaps the best site in the country for beginners, with its flat water, shallow sandy bottom and enclosed shoreline.”

Floras is also perfect for families with different sailing abilities, or families with non- sailing family members because of all the many other things to do, such as beach combing, hiking, mountain bike riding, kite flying, canoeing, bird watching and more!

When the wind really picks up, expect to see the sails flying the wind surfers across the water at common speeds of 25 mph and more.

Wind surfing along the Bandon Beaches is for the advanced to experts only, the ocean has a lot of power and is not for beginner wind surfers! The best spots are Bullard’s Beach, in the harbor in front of Old Town Bandon, Face Rock Wayside, and the “last or south” day use access along Beach Loop Drive. Some of the best sailors jump 20 feet or more off the waves and are exciting to watch. Just remember, when down on the beach watching, don’t forget about incoming tides, or “sneaker” waves.

Complete wind and kite surfing lessons are available at Floras Lake Kite and Windsurfing 541-236-5046 floraslakekiting@gmail.com

Kite Flying

The winds that pick up around this area are what make kite flying such a popular sport. When the kites are flying, it turns the sky into a rainbow of colors. Standing behind the controls of a kite is like holding the wind in your hands.

Because it’s not a high traffic area and the winds are stronger by the ocean, a popular spot for kite flying is Bullard’s Beach State park. The beautiful kites make for entertaining viewing from the Old Town area.

You can purchase a kite for less than $20, and be flying in no time.Don’t let the kids have all the fun, kite flying is for the young at heart too. Watch out though, it may be habit forming.

Bird Watching

A great place to watch birds is Coquille Point at the end of 11th street.From the viewing area on the bluff, with your scope or binoculars, you can see many species of birds nesting on the giant rock off shore.

Puffins can be found nesting among the various birds in April at breeding time; they will take off to see until the next spring. Canadian geese, Cormorants, Black Oyster Catchers, Pelicans, Pigeon Guillemot, and many other birds can be spotted also.

Table Rock, Elephant Rock, and the Cat and Kittens rock near Face Rock are all good places to view the varieties of birds. Some think spring time is the best to look, as several varieties of the birds can only be seen at that time of year. During summer, fall or winter many species of birds can be spotted.

Fishing, Clamming, Crabbing

You can enjoy these fun and hopefully rewarding activities in this area. Many people go fishing and crabbing from the boat docks along the harbor. If you’re interested in taking an ocean charter, arrangements can be made at the Port O’ Call, 347-2875.Bandon Bait also has bottom fishing and drift boat charters, 347-3905.

If it’s fishing you enjoy you’re in the right place. The surf fishing is good May through June and the ocean salmon fishing season opens May 1 until the quotas are met. River salmon fishing is open August 15 through Thanksgiving and steelhead fishing is good from December to March. The best places to fish for steelhead and river salmon are the Elk, Sixes and Coquille Rivers. For bass and trout fishing, Bradley Lake is the best in Bandon. Bottom fishing is okay year round.

Clamming is another year round activity, just wait for low tide. Tides are listed daily in Bandon’s “Coffee Break” bulletin, which is available at most businesses in town; or you can pick up a tide book at one of the bait shops on the water front. Crabbing is best April through December.

The Port O’ Call and Bandon Bait are great places to rent all the supplies you need. They can answer most questions, and you can get started on your adventure!

Storm Watchers

Bandon has some spectacular storms in the winter, and people come from all over to watch the powerful winds, and crashing waves. If you want to see nature show its dramatic power, come to Bandon in the winter. Just call for a weather report on the area.

The Bandon Storm Watchers, a non-profit organization, provides weekly Saturday programs from January to April presenting information on whale watching, wild flowers, bird-watching, tide pooling, beach combing, history and geology of the area and more. For more information on the area and information on the group, or to become a member, write: 

Bandon Storm Watchers,

P.O. Box 1693, Bandon, Oregon97411.

Beach Combing

Bandon is known for its beautiful beaches and picturesque sea stacks. One of the most famous rock formations in the area is the legendary Face Rock. At the viewpoint on Beach Loop Drive you can view the rock from your car, or you can walk down the steps onto the beach for a closer look.

There are many public accesses to the beach allowing you to look for agates, jasper, and driftwood, brought in with current. Explore the tide pools at low tide; look for glass floats on the beach, or fossils along the river.


A great picnicking spot in Bandon is Bullard’s Beach State Park. To get there, drive north on Highway 101 and turn left just past the bridge when you see the sign.

The park contains a large gazebo with electricity that is useful for large family get-togethers, weddings, reunions, etc.; also next to that is a large fire place. Public restrooms are available.

The Coquille River flows adjacent to the park for convenient fishing. There are lots of picnic tables to accommodate all your delicious foods and spacious green lawns to enjoy activities before and after you eat. A paved path will lead you through the park and to the beach.


For those who enjoy golf, Bandon Crossings is eighteen-hole course five miles south of Bandon. It is the only 18-hole course to offer power carts. Dan Hixon’s 6855 yard par 72 design makes the most out of this beautiful property, creating a memorable experience. For more information call (541) 347-3232 bandoncrossings.com

Whale Watching

Gray whales pass by the Bandon coast twice each year on their migration between Mexico and the Arctic waters. They are usually spotted off shore December through May. Coquille Point is a good spot to look for whales. Early morning is usually best, before the winds cause white caps. Look for the blow (vapor, water or condensation blown up to 12 feet into the air) when the whales exhale.

Horseback Riding

There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your face as you ride down the beach on a horse. Take in the smell of the ocean and the breathtaking view.

Bandon Riding Stables on Beach Loop Drive offers horseback riding by the hour or guided trips north to Face Rock or south down the beach and over the sand dunes to beautiful Bradley Lake. They have overnight back rides available to reservation, supplying everything needed including food, tents, equipment, all but your sleeping bag. Buggy rides are available for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries by appointment.

541-347-3423 bandonstables.com

Shopping, Old Town & Beyond…

Bandon’s Old Town section was redeveloped in the early 1980’s to recreate the atmosphere of a small town from an earlier time.

Old Town has many unique shops to browse through. Most shops have a coastal theme, where you can find wonderful souvenirs to take back home. There are lots of gift giving ideas to choose from, or better yet, shop for yourself. Either way, you will find shopping in Old Town relaxing and rewarding.

Art galleries are among the several shops in Old Town. Discover painting, sculptures, and wood work from local artists. There are many fascinating and beautiful pieces of work displayed. Be sure to see them all, you may find something you can’t live without.

Restaurants are also included Old Town Bandon. You can take a break from shopping, eat in one of several excellent restaurants;

be ready for more shopping!

They have a variety of foods -from hamburgers, to seafood, salads and soups to bakery goods, deli sandwiches, Mexican food, organic and much, much more. See the restaurant selection for your favorite foods.

In the evenings, Old Town has lounges in which to wind down. Live bands play from jazz to rock and roll and can be enjoyed most weekends and occasionally during the week.

During times of good weather, you might catch someone out on the boardwalk playing music as well!

Don’t forget to take a stroll along the updated state- of-the art boardwalk. Its safe and protected as long as you can dodge the seagulls.

Beware, they love leftovers!